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Our Ministry

Christ for all Ministry is centered upon serving through the following ministries.
Spiritual Growth
Christ For All Ministry works to build and support Sunday School programs to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with their spiritual growth and the teaching their children the wonderful message of the Gospel.
Physical Needs
Christ For All Ministry provides aid and assistance for those in need, to care for our fellow believers and as a tool to spread the Gospel of Christ.
Gospel Teaching
Christ For All Ministry seeks to strengthen, encourage and teach our fellow believers the richness of the Gospel through hosting Home Groups and online seminars.  Christ For All Ministry hosts instructional evenings in rural Christian communities where there is a shortage of Pastors and church leaders.

Our Work

The places with current needs and location we hope to serve in the future.

Latest News

If you are interested in the latest news and events that we are hosting. Be an active part of our impact across the globe and hear how you can pray and support our ministry.
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